Thursday, November 10, 2005

Post Election Recovery - Work on Strokes

A large part of your success in the pool results from how streamlined you move in the water. Why do you go slower in the water when you have clothes on than when you wear a bathing suit? Because of all the drag created by the friction of the clothes.

Think of yourself as swimming in a wind tunnel. How would you slip forward in a wind tunnel?

Today, we are not going very far. We are just working on our strokes. Swim slowly today. Concentrate on slipping through the water.

200 Choice

3 x 100 - 25 kick on right side -- GO SLOW - Concentrate on being in a streamlined position.
25 choice swim (nonfree)
25 kick on left side
25 choice swim

6 x 25 on :40 odd dolphin kick/ even flutter kick on side

8 x50 on :55 hold pace

3X 50 breaststroke on 1:20
Breaststroke has three distinct parts. A pull. A kick. A glide. Make sure that you do all three.

30 seconds rest

3 x 50 breaststroke with a two count hesitation on the glide

6 x 50 dolphin kick on 1:15

4 x 100 on 2:00 :85 percent effort/ concentrate on your hand entering the water

50 easy


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